You Can Now Visit an Actual Slipknot Haunted House

You Can Now Visit an Actual Slipknot Haunted House
We'd already learned that Slipknot would be terrorizing the faithful on their fall tour, but now it looks as if the masked metal act will be taking their scare tactics to a whole new level via an upcoming haunted house exhibition in California.

The Iowa-bred bashers have announced that they've teamed up with Sacramento, CA's Scream Park to present "Slipknot's Scream Park." Between October 2 and November 1, you can enter three separate haunted houses that band member Shawn "Clown" Crahan described in an announcement video as "absolutely sickening."

A press release notes that the "Prepare for Hell" house will be "stylized in the vein of Slipknot," with plenty of obscene and heinous acts taking place within its walls. "Clown's Playouse," meanwhile, will apparently explore the inner-workings of the percussionist's mind, putting on display "high-shock clowns and vibrant creatures who reside in Clown's extensive imagination."

"Skin Ticket" takes a local approach, presenting itself as an abandoned house in "Sacramento's depressed part of town." It's said to be the house of a serial killer, which may or may not actually smell like "the rancid decay of rotting flesh." The goal is to escape from the maniac.

An additional trailer suggests that the trio of haunted houses will be filled with chainsaw-toting psychopaths, neon contortionists, torture victims and, presumably, Slipknot fans.

Crahan added: "Let's get scare this October, the Slipknot way."

It's unclear if Slipknot themselves will be running around the Scream Park grounds in the flesh, but their likenesses appear in the trailers. Also, the band will be playing Sacramento's Aftershock festival on October 24. You'll find the rest of their tour schedule, which hits up Canada, over here.