Slim Twig Spit It Twig!

Slim Twig <i>Spit It Twig!</i>
If you haven't already picked up Contempt!, the new album by Toronto's handsomest misfit, Slim Twig, I suggest you do so immediately (I'll give you a break seeing as it was just released yesterday). There's really little out there that sounds like what this pompadoured dude is coming up with. And because he's generous and pretty damn productive (say what you will about the EP re-releases, he also has a gig as an actor), Slim has come up with a companion piece for his debut album that, er, cites Wu-Tang as inspiration. Sounds ridiculous but I'm sure RZA would nod his head to this, just a little.

Here's what you need to know, from Mr. Twig himself:

Spit It Twig! (Volume 1.) was conceived as a literal version of my Contempt! album. I thought it would be fun to take the initial concept of making a sample-based album, a la Wu-Tang Clan, combined with my style of vocalizing, to its most obvious conclusion: a mixtape of original lyrics over Wu-Tang (and similarly inspired) beats. In this way, it should play as a skeletal blueprint of the actual album. The idea of contributing my take on mixtape culture at large in this instance was a great fit, since it shares an exuberance for re-appropriation that I hoped to achieve with Contempt!


1. "A Black Holster
2. "Guillotine"
3. "Mansion Haunting" (Onakabazien Remix)
4. "Crack Of The Whip"
5. "Gate Hearing" (Onakabazien Remix)
6. "The Eye Full Of Dread"
7. "Phantasm Inquest" (Onakabazien Remix)
8. "Screwdriver"

Slim's playing some dates in the next few weeks. Go see him:

5/6 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
5/7 Guelph, ON - Ebar
5/14 Montreal, QC - Divan Orange
5/15 Ottawa, ON - TBD
5/16 Peterborough, ON - Montreal House
5/29 Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern

Slim Twig "Mansion Haunting" (Onakabazien Remix)

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