Slight Birching Announces 'Cultural Envelope'

Slight Birching Announces 'Cultural Envelope'
Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Slight Birching (a.k.a. Sean Travis Ramsay) has been fine tuning his experimental approach to lo-fi folk over the last few years with a series of EPs and online releases. Now he will be serving up his next batch of tracks as Cultural Envelope next month.

The artist's upcoming LP arrives independently August 12, with a press release explaining that the 11-song effort continues to balance ambient elements with traditional folk music, combining synth sounds with finger-picked acoustic melodies. This time around, the song cycle is said to be informed by "humanity's fascination with creating complex structures, systems, and beliefs that separate us from nature."

Though the album comes out in just a few weeks, Ramsay is previewing the collection with a stream of its "Currency." Featuring wildly bending guitar lines, tape delay and the haunting hum of a pedal steel, the track has the artist analyzing monetary values and tapping into something larger than yourself ("bend your heart to the world").

You'll find the track beneath the tracklist.

Cultural Envelope:

1. Autodidact

2. Knowledge Drifts

3. Currency

4. Perplexion / Perception

5. Less Night Lights

6. Get Up In The Morning and Fight
7. Eventually
8. Ineffables
9. Beacon Hill
10. Cultural Envelope

11. You Have Nowhere To Go