Sleepytime Gorilla Museum In Glorious Times

The opening strains of In Glorious Times move subtly from lullaby serenade to dissonant threat, slipping past the sonic defences to intensify the shock of the attack to come. In some ways less frenetic than Sleepytime Gorilla Museum’s last record, the band’s newest concoction is still wonderfully adventurous and unpredictable. Most of the tones and textures are familiar enough: penetrating strings, hard-hitting percussion, fierce noise, baleful vocal melodies and throat wrenching snarls, amongst other delights. But the artistic arrangement, as any fan of the band might expect, challenges the boundaries of traditional songcraft on multiple levels. Though the album doesn’t always aesthetically please, that’s part of its success. In Glorious Times disorients and disturbs more than it reassures, giving you the choice of contemplating the band’s plan and intent (and the world that inspired them) or just revelling in the dramatic extremes. (The End)