Slayer "Raining Blood" (as performed by Christmas lights)

Slayer "Raining Blood" (as performed by Christmas lights)
With Christmas just over a month away, you've probably already considered your outdoor light display by now. But one family clearly thought about it a bit too much.

Synching up their LED's to quite arguably the cheeriest of Christmas carols, Slayer's "Raining Blood," this abode practically annihilates your eyes via a high-impact light show usually reserved for metal nights at your local planetarium, or an epileptic's worst nightmare.

Just watch the rooftop glitter and strobe along to Dave Lombardo's punishing double-kick work. Let's also marvel at how menacing that crimson garage door looks when it syncs up to Tom Araya's grizzled metal yell. Somehow it still looks like the most inviting gate to hell ever, and it probably smells like peppermint. Absolutely awesome.

Don't worry, everybody, you still have some time to outdo these dudes. Might we suggest a festive flash bulb blitzkrieg to some Cannibal Corpse?

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the tip.