Slayer God Hates Us All

Very few bands can say that 20 years into their career, they have never lost sight of their original vision. California's Slayer is one of the few. God Hates Us All is the band's ninth studio album and, somewhat surprisingly, it is yet another winner. Recorded in a Vancouver, BC, studio with producer Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet, Porno For Pyros), the 12-song effort leaves off where Diabolos In Musica left off, and proves that Slayer remains one of the most vital bands in metal today. Musically, the record is somewhat reminiscent of the tone of 1991's Seasons In The Abyss. The band mixes the album's tempo up between very fast thrash ("Threshold," "Exile") and mid-tempo chunk ("God Send Death," "New Faith"). Singer Tom Araya is in exceptional form on the album, his screaming on "New Faith" and the bloodcurdling yelp at the beginning of "Seven Face"' are some of his most pissed off vocal assaults yet, and throughout the album he really helps keep the energy up. (Columbia)