Slash and Perez Hilton Split Votes On Emo

Slash and Perez Hilton Split Votes On Emo
As previously reported, Mexico is no place for an emo kid. With legions of punks, rockabillies and metalheads beating every sad-faced kid in sight, Mexican emos are likely wanting to go north of the border more than ever.

Since early March, the "emo riots” have been raging in Mexico, and despite government intervention, they keep just keep spreading. Most recently, last week hundreds of emos and anti-emos clashed in Juarez and Tijuana, after similar violent outbreaks in Mexico City and Queretaro. Also, emo riots have taken place in Chile, where a group known as "PokEMOns” was repeatedly attacked.

And if things weren’t bad enough, guitar-master extraordinaire, Slash, has now stepped up to fuel the fire. In a recent interview with the Daily Star, the former Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist weighed into emo, and modern rock in general. "Rock ’n’ roll is so diluted in this millennium, you just don’t hear good solos. And I hate emo,” Slash said. "With the exception of Jack White —who is great — the new breed of bands aren’t bringing out decent guitarists.” So it’s official: Slash hates emo.

However, while Slash may clearly be on the anti’s side, the emos have some celebrity backing as well. Last week, gossipmonger, label head and dildo artist Perez Hilton showed support for the emos, labeling his post on the riots "Just leave those little emo kids alone!” and stating "What's wrong with a little guyliner and mascara????”

So there you have it, battle lines have been drawn: Perez for emos, Slash for anti’s. Whose side are you on?