Slash Backpedals over "Gay" Michael Jackson Comment

Slash Backpedals over 'Gay' Michael Jackson Comment
Last week, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash attempted to set the record straight on his Michael Jackson collaboration, saying, "I did not play on ['Black or White']... That's gay, I would never play that." Naturally, the statement has drawn the ire of politically correct folks who don't appreciate the use of that word in that context.

Speaking with Spinner, Slash has now backpedalled a little by insisting that he meant to use the word "gay" the old-fashioned way, intending to mean "happy."

"I thought about that afterward 'cause really that just came right out... now I think it sounded a bit too derogatory," he says. "What I really meant was that the sound of the guitar is very happy. It just doesn't sound like me, anyone would know that. It's not the guitar sound you would expect from me, but somehow I got pigeonholed as the guy who played on that song."

He adds, "I never revisit shit that I did before. There are some songs that I hear on the radio, obscure Guns N' Roses stuff, you sort of hear the difference between your playing now and your playing then. I can pick out a note and it's not necessarily great but I don't nitpick over those things. When you release something, it's done. If you wanted to change something you should have done it then."

Strangely enough, some fans insist that the guitar solo on "Black or White" is definitely Slash regardless what he says. Just take a look at Wikipedia.