Slang Skilled Rhythm Kills

With the onslaught of metallic influence and bravado that has infiltrated hardcore over the years, thank God we have Japan — or Slang to be specific — to ensure that hardcore retains its vitriol, aggressiveness and honesty. Kicking ass since 1988 via NYC hardcore-style, Slang drop their barbaric nature but up the intensity and we’d do well to listen closely. In typical fashion, these guys have taken something created and adored by North America and refined it to its purest form. By being removed from the direct impact, Slang resist domestic tendencies towards nostalgia and sentiment, attacking with brash, abrasive and passionate songs sans overly confrontational gusto or personal demons getting in the way to clutter up the definition/dilute everything with pointless "meanings.” Taking the relentless pacing of Agnostic Front and coupling it with the trash of early Suicidal Tendencies and the primal delivery of Discharge, Slang keep some pretty old school company but their crisp, meticulous attack makes them decidedly current. (Schizophrenic)