Slacker Start A New Life

Slacker is up to something good on this record, representing for musicians who don't place themselves in one style of music only. Like how Misstress Barbara moved away from techno for a moment to explore her dynamic songwriter skills on I'm No Human, Slacker jumps out from the underground UK progressive trance style (like on 1998 warehouse smash "Psychout") to a new kind of chill LP that's relaxing and dazzling. Great work with 2004's "The Best Boyfriend," from which the classic vocal sample shows up on "Hymn To Her," among solidly snuggley digital sounds. Like when Way Out West released We Love Machine last fall, Start A New Life is another victory for true trance music that appeals to your mind and emotions in a deep and sincere manner. The record uses samples and re-edits of artists like Future Sound of London, the KLF, Cocteau Twins, and Boards of Canada. But don't be fooled; this is down tempo chill-out music not progressive trance. (Godlike & Electric)