Skygreen Leopards Gorgeous Johnny

San Francisco, CA's shambling folk-pop duo find themselves welcoming a third member into the fold for this release. Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn are joined by Jason Quever from Papercuts, who adds a little bit of everything to the mix: bass, drums, piano and organ. The increase in manpower allows the Leopards to add depth and a little more cohesiveness to their ramshackle brand of skewed sunshine. Gorgeous Johnny carries a common theme across its 13 tracks; Quinn and Donaldson spin romantic yarns that revolve loosely around a boy named Johnny and a seemingly endless array of girls. Thankfully, the Leopards don't end up shackled to this somewhat questionable idea - the songs flow freely, meandering through the golden countryside that makes up the Skygreen Leopards' universe. Gorgeous Johnny is another step in the right direction for these Jewelled Antler representatives. (Jagjaguwar)