Motion EP

SKY H1Motion EP
When Bill Kouligas and his PAN imprint announced that a new sub-label was in the works, a collaboration with the highly talented Vision no less, fans were ablaze with anticipation. It's been about a year and three deadly EPs since, with the new label showing no signs of letting up.
Case in point is this hot slab of dreamy drift courtesy of Brussels-based producer SKY H1. Motion is a sextet of short, bliss-heavy tone clouds, the impact of which belies the brevity of the individual tracks. Opening piece "Air" immediately sets a very laid back tone, with subtle beats and vocal snippets propelling a droning melody. "Hybrid" is about as fast-paced as this release gets, yet it too evokes nocturnal activity. Closing track "I Think I Am" is quite possibly the most evocative of the bunch, harkening back to the edgy bliss-bombs that emanated from the Darla Records catalogue back in the 1990s. 
Overall, this short EP is a tease: listeners will be begging for more material from both SKY H1 and the CODES label as soon as the needle hits the run-out groove. (CODES)
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