Sky Eats Airplane Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day

Sky Eats AirplaneEverything Perfect On The Wrong Day
It’s not very often a metal/hardcore CD is a fun listen, but when you add a ton of eight-bit sampling to the mix, you can’t help but get a kick out of it. Fort Worth, TX’s Sky Eats Airplane may be riding on the coattails of Horse The Band, dubbing themselves "Nintendo-core,” but the music is nowhere near the same. At times, it’s like being in a club listening to some really low grade dance music but really it’s more like being in a trance staring at a TV with an old-school, rectangular, two-button piece of history in your hand. A large portion of the music on Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day is aggressive, with hardcore twists and digital turns to help bring a completely fresh feel to the album. The electric drums, which would normally be awkward, have been used in a killer fashion, utilising double bass and high tempo beats, playing to the genres that Sky Eat Airplane are calling home. The band, clearly comprised of nerds, don’t repeat their sound too often, adding choruses that could be Taking Back Sunday’s and then returning to the electronic nexus of chaotic metal/hardcore. If you’re a little tired of the same old, Sky Eats Airplane will hit reset for you. (Tragic Hero)