Skull Defekts Return with '2013-3012'

Skull Defekts Return with '2013-3012'
Lungfish offshoot the Skull Defekts continued their penchant for top-notch output with the release of their Peer Amid album earlier this year. Touring the album relentlessly, the Daniel Higgs-fronted group ended up joining forces with former Lungfish member Asa Osborne, whose Zomes project has now teamed up with the Swedish band for a new EP.

The new twelve-inch is called 2013-3012, and sees the groups team up for three songs that were recorded in Pawtucket, RI while on tour together. Here's the tricky part -- the A-side of the record features the three songs, while the B-side plays the same tracks backwards, playing from the inner groove outward.

2013-3012 will be available on November 8 via Thrill Jockey. The tracklisting is available below and the cover is above.


1. "Children of the Skull Defekts"
2. "Beyond Within"
3. "Embryo"
4. "Oyrbme"
5. "Nihtiw Dnoyeb"
6. "Stkefed Lluks eht fo Nerdlihc"