Skrillex Talks Upcoming Diplo Collaboration, New Release Plans and Contributing Sound Design to 'Transformers'

Skrillex Talks Upcoming Diplo Collaboration, New Release Plans and Contributing Sound Design to 'Transformers'
Skrillex recently rolled out his first proper full-length album with Recess, but now the bespectacled EDM king is apparently planning to return to his usual method of issuing music by rolling out a series of a mini-releases before the year's end.

Speaking with Billboard, the producer born Sonny Moore said, "In the electronic world, it's not as necessary to just release albums. So even though I just put this record (Recess) out, I'm going to sprinkle in some singles and mini-EPs throughout the year."

Apparently, some of these might with with fellow electronic music star Diplo, who Billboard reports is currently working with Madonna.

"I've just known him for so long, and we've made so many records together," Skrillex revealed. "It's just a lot of fun for him and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever. What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work — that's our only thing. The thing about the music I make and the music he makes is that even though it might sound different, sonically, we always take this, like, fun approach to making music rather than taking it too seriously. So we'll see what comes out of this."

Moore added that he's been influenced by drum 'n' bass music lately, in addition to 100 bpm music that's a little slower than his usual bangers.

Along with his own music, Skrillex has been working on sounds for the upcoming Transformers movie. Not music, mind you — Billboard specified that he's doing sound design. This means concocting "the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make."

It's not entirely clear which instalment in the film series this is for, but it seems that this is for the next Transformers flick, rather than Age of Extinction on June 27.

This week, Moore also told the Toronto Sun, "I was working on sounds for the dinobots in the new Transformers movie last night, and tonight I'm working on tracks for the tour."

He's also apparently got some other film scores on the horizon.

As previously reported, Skillex is also out on the road with his "Mothership Tour 2014." Tonight (May 30) and tomorrow he plays Toronto's Echo Beach, and you can see all the dates here.