Skrillex Sued by Fan over Stage Dive Injury

Skrillex Sued by Fan over Stage Dive Injury
A fan has filed a lawsuit against American dubstepper Skrillex, claiming she suffered injuries when the artist landed on her during a stage dive at a Los Angeles venue in 2012.

TMZ reports that Jennifer Fraissl has filed the suit over the high-flying performance at L.A.'s Belasco Theatre in February of 2012, at which Skrillex (nee Sonny John Moore) apparently launched himself off a table into the crowd.

Fraissl said she was at the front of the crowd when the electronic musician leapt from the table several feet above the stage, and did not have time to move or protect herself when Moore came tumbling down. Fraissl claims she received several injuries at the time of the incident, and later suffered a stroke because of it.

Though details have yet to be revealed, Fraissl is seeking damages from both Skrillex and the Belasco, feeling the club could have prevented the stage dive.

Neither Skrillex nor the club have weighed in on the charges, but the dubstep figure has been known to perform stage dives during his live show. You can see a less contentious leap in the video down below.