Skrillex & the Doors "Breakin' a Sweat" (video)

Skrillex & the Doors 'Breakin' a Sweat' (video)
The Doors are clearly unafraid to rile up their fans by working with a divisive up-and-coming star. (Remember those Scott Stapp collaborations from a while back?) We recently learned that the classic rock heroes would be teaming up with dubstep upstart Skrillex for the documentary RE:GENERATION, and now following the audio version we've got a video for "Breakin' a Sweat."

As you can tell from the video below, the song sounds a whole lot more like Skrillex than the Doors, since what organic instruments there are have been filtered and warped almost beyond recognition by the DJ's speaker-melting brand of electronic music. That said, there are some spoken word samples that name-check "Light My Fire." Watch it below.

Go to the RE:GENERATION website to see screening dates and locations.