Skrillex Bell Stage at Plains of Abraham, Quebec City QC July 11

Skrillex Bell Stage at Plains of Abraham, Quebec City QC July 11
When Sonny Moore started his Skrillex project in 2008, he probably never imagined playing in front of almost 50,000 people atop an elaborate spaceship only four short years later. Yes, Skrillex has quickly become a huge festival draw with an elaborate laser/pyro/smoke show and the kind of bells and whistles previously reserved for classic-era Kiss.

When Moore's spaceship transformed mid-set, began to shoot lasers and hoisted him 40 feet above the Quebec City stage, it made a Slipknot show seem like a basement jam. His set was all about buildup and release, starting with a digital countdown on the big screens.

Skrills began with "Right on Time," one of his newer-style dancehall jams, weaving his classic songs in and out of the mix in a way that was just distinguishable enough. You know a guy is in the creative zone when he starts remixing and fucking with his own songs; a version of "My Name Is Skrillex" was completely reworked, to much success. Mid-set had Skrillex going into full-on medley mode, blending now-classics like "Kill Everyone" and "Weekends" with newer jams like "Breakn' a Sweat" and "Reptile's Theme."

By the time Skrillex busted out "Bangarang," his set had reached a fever pitch, tens of thousands of Quebec City festivalgoers trying desperately to find the dance energy to keep up. Then, like all great performers, Moore hit us with even more unthinkable jams (including a ridiculously fast beat that left the crowd struggle to keep up), pushing the audience to the brink of complete bliss and exhaustion.

Skrillex is on top of his game, folks, and there's no one better to see on this summer's festival circuit.