Skinny Puppy Return with 'Handover' LP

Skinny Puppy Return with 'Handover' LP
Vancouver-based industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy have announced their frightening return with the release date for their long-delayed album Handover. Though originally planned for a 2009 release, insolvency issues with their label SPV caused the group some major setbacks.

A post on the band's website explains that Handover, which comes out October 25, was conceived by core members Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key and features tunes with titles like "Cullorblind" and "Noisex." It's their first full-length release since 2007's Mythmaker and 11th overall. You can check the full tracklisting below and the creepy cover art above.

While nothing is posted in full, you can check out song samples here.


1, "Ovirt"

2. "Cullorblind"

3. "Wavy"

4. "Ashas"

5. "Gambatte"

6. "Icktums"

7. "Point"

8. "Brownstone"

9. "Vyrisus"

10. "Village"

11. "Noisex"