Skinny Puppy Doomsday: Back and Forth Vol.5: Live in Dresden

After a year of twitching in their boots, Skinny Puppy fans finally get the chance to hear exactly what went on at the Doomsday festival in Dresden, Germany (August, 2000), where Skinny Puppy blew fans away with their highly anticipated live show. This former Vancouver industrial/electronic outfit, best known for pioneering industrial music as we know it today and creating over the top live shows, à la Evil Dead, et al., regrouped (this time only Ogre and cEvin Key) to play moments spanning their 14-year and nine-album repertoire. For those unfamiliar with their sound, it can be best described as a blend of samples, noise, electronics, rhythm, pure melody and nightmarish vocals all thrown together into one massive sonic pandemonium. Considering their legions of fans world-wide, and the legacy they left behind after splitting in 1996, the music almost best speaks for itself. Given their five-year hiatus (solo projects aside), their music is true to Puppy form. Ogre's vocals sound like they've been frozen in time and, as far as their programming goes, not a beat was missed. Although there isn't any new material, the quality is great and the only remotely lousy part of this disc is the reminder that you weren't there to see the show for yourself. If you somehow did manage to see the show, Doomsday... will be even better. (Nettwerk)