Only the Ruthless Remain

SkinlessOnly the Ruthless Remain
After nearly a decade, New York death metal legends Skinless reunite to unleash their new studio album, Only the Ruthless Remain. Returning with their classic late-'90s lineup, Only the Ruthless Remain manages to pick up where 2006's Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead left off. Skinless haven't lost an ounce of brutality or speed, maintaining their trademark East Coast style featuring heavy, chugging grooves, massive mid-tempo slams and blazing ferocity.
But it's the aptitude of the Progression Towards Evil-era members that takes over the release; the vocals in particular have a nostalgic Skinless feel, with Sherwood Webber's iconic harsh throat-rattling growls commanding the tracks. Skinless have also added second guitarist Dave Matthews (no, not that one), adding more depth and oppressive heaviness to the album.
With every crushing rhythm and breakneck riff, it's as if Skinless never left, delivering everything you'd expect from the band. And why would you want anything different? Only the Ruthless Remain is an exceptional, solid return from the very missed masters of death metal. (Relapse)
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