Skinjobs Burn Your Rainbow

Head-boppin’ sour-faced generic teenage rebellion punk with an obviously queer slant. This is all fine and dandy for a night of pogo dancing, foot stomping and fist shaking — problem is the queer element alone isn’t radical or shocking enough anymore to separate the Skinjobs from the rest of the sorta-political punk sediment out there. In the midst of this basic rock environment, the queer trump card can only be played so many times before it slips from unique to redundant ("Recruiting” being the most glaring example). Still, the riffs are undeniably catchy, and their talent as songwriters is clear. "Go Away Before I Change My Mind” is a particularly developed track, with handsomely harmonic female vocals providing momentary relief from Mitch Fury’s typical-sounding delivery. Most of this record will serve as a frivolous pleasure for when you’re itchin’ to regress towards your gayest, most punk rock high school rage. Four cute spoken word pieces at the end of the CD let you leave with a smile. (Bongo Beat)