Skeletonwitch Skeletonwitch

Throwing the likes of thrash, death and Viking metal into their fiery pit of influences, Ohio’s Skeletonwitch create four tracks of epic ferocity on this self-titled effort. With a ravenous attack that elicits comparisons to Killing Is My Business…-era Megadeth, yet has a structural approach that is more akin to a crossover between Exodus and Entombed, the bottom-heavy delivery overlaid by raging guitars is appealing, even if slightly juvenile. At points, it would seem as if Skeletonwitch aren’t quite masters of their own reality and their ability occasionally fails to match their intent, with the riffs either becoming stale or just not performed with the accuracy and integrity they deserve. Similarly, if the band could vary their pacing, they would most likely be better able to maintain listener interest. When one considers that the band are a mere three years in the making though, these nuances will work themselves out and a self-titled release such as this should be the steppingstone to the realisation of an incensed and articulate album. (Prosthetic)