Sixtoo Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man

SixtooJackals and Vipers in Envy of Man
Sixtoo goes heavy on the electronics for his second Ninja Tune release, with loads of digital noise combined with his signature big beats. The elegant vibe with which the Montreal-based producer compiles his melodic tracks is still there but this time there are loads more effects thrown into the mix, usually making for a nice combination that goes from smooth to aggressive. Sometimes the electronic angle can overpower a song but most of the time, Sixtoo’s hip-hop background mingles nicely, as on the heavy "Part 9.” With samples mainly being absent in favour of gadgets and live recordings, Jackals and Vipers sounds like one of Sixtoo’s most stripped down releases yet, also sounding very crisp for playing loud. Though he might not be on the Duration tip anymore, Sixtoo knows how to create moody landscapes and has managed to transfer them to his updated sound nicely. (Ninja Tune)