Six Parts Seven Silence Magnifies Sound

Music by a quintet from Ohio that consists of drums, bass, guitars and viola, along with other added musical instruments, which reminds me of Terentel, but not as dark. Silence Magnifies Sound is heart-wrenchingly mellifluous, which is why I wound up falling in love with this instrumental album. The music is comprised of various ballad-like instrumentals with an underlying sense of melancholy, similar to experiencing a crush that will never come to fruition. The playing is solid; guitar work is gorgeous, the drumming is understated and just listening to the viola effortlessly float in induces a complete rush. It would not be fair to pick out any particular song on this album, since every single tune is perfect, from first to last track. If you're a fan of the Dirty Three, Do Make Say Think and Terentel, you can't go wrong with the Six Parts Seven. (Independent)