Six Organs of Admittance Set to Release Asleep on the Floodplain

Six Organs of Admittance Set to Release <i>Asleep on the Floodplain</i>
Though their psych folk can be pretty heady at times, Six Organs of Admittance are stripping things down for their next release. While 2009's Luminous Night melded electric guitars, tablas and Middle Eastern melodies into the group's experimental folk tunes, the upcoming Asleep on the Floodplain will apparently be a more restrained home job.

A press release explains that leader Ben Chasny "returned to the familiar environs of home recording to sculpt and assemble this batch of jams, freeing himself from the restrictions and deadlines studios might normally impose upon a song."

Though the concept of freeing himself up suggests Chasny could make his compositions even wilder, the press release notes that the mostly acoustic set won't be as sonically dense as Luminous Night.

The ten-song set will be released by Drag City on February 22. You can check out the tracklisting below.

A post on Six Organs' website also points to Chasny's new band 200 Years, a collaboration with Magik Markers member Elisa Ambrosio, currently recording their Drag City debut. If that weren't enough, 200 Years have also prepped a limited-edition LP for subscription-based record label Grapefruit, which will appear sometime next year. Busy guy, that Ben Chasny.

Asleep on the Floodplain:

1. "Above A Desert I've Never Seen"
2. "Light Of The Light"
3. "Brilliant Blue Sea Between Us"
4. "Saint of Fishermen"
5. "Hold But Let Go"
6. "River Of My Youth"
7. "Poppies"
8. "S/word And Leviathan"
9. "A New Name On An Old Cement Bridge"
10. "Dawn, Running Home"