Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes Branches Out with New IHATE Project

Six Feet Under's Chris Barnes Branches Out with New IHATE Project
While still growling out gruesome lyrics in Six Feet Under, death metal vet Chris Barnes has unveiled plans to unleash even more brutality via the debut album of his new project, IHATE.

The group comprises Barnes and multi-instrumentalist Bob Taggett, who linked up last year after Taggett approached Barnes online to check out tracks and visuals he had prepped around a murder storyline. Apparently the metal vocalist was impressed, as he soon reached out to Taggett about making the project a reality.

"I thought it was really different, and definitely creepy visually. And there was something very primitive and energetic to the attack of the music," Barnes said in a statement. "It was very driven. I could feel it instantly. I knew this wasn't a joke and wasn't done half-assed. The music I was listening to was aggressive as a knife carving chunks of flesh off a body. Putting the music to a video caught my attention, immediately, as to Bob's focus."

The murder-focus of the songs initially presented to Barnes apparently led the vocalist to craft some twisted lines of his own. You can sample a demo version of their "Seeing Red" in the video down below, but we warn you, it's a most certainly NSFW clip featuring an attack on a woman that leads to a gruesome mutilating in a remote shed.

"To me, it really is a masterpiece of brutal, violent death metal," Barnes said of the project. "I'm really stoked that if got to work on this album. The fans know that I'm no stranger to writing some sick lyrics, but the stuff I have come up with this time is entirely over-the-top even by my standards. I really want the fans to hear this album and dig into the storylines of the songs."

While the complete details have yet to be given behind the duo's first full-length, including an estimated arrival time, a press release notes that it will feature eight tunes of "unrepentant, death metal brutality and lyrical depravity."

The act are currently seeking funds via PledgeMusic, offering incentives from downloads and signed merchandise to getting a personalized phone message from Barnes and even the opportunity to lay down some guest vocals on the LP. You'll find out more info over here.