Six Feet Under

Crypt of the Devil

Six Feet UnderCrypt of the Devil
Following 2013's Unborn and 2012's Undead, legendary Florida death metal outfit Six Feet Under unveil their 11th studio album, the slightly wordier Crypt of the Devil. Love him or hate him, (ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist) Chris Barnes defined death metal vocals in the late '80s/early '90s, and with Six Feet Under, he has churned out consistently top-notch releases over the past 20 years. Crypt of the Devil is no exception, comprising ten tracks of violent, brutal death metal featuring crushing riffs, heavy blasts and Barnes' trademark gutturals.
Composed by Barnes' and Cannabis Corpse bassist/vocalist Phil "Landphil" Hall, Crypt of the Devil is a natural evolution from Unborn, while also evoking a sense of rejuvenation. Although the album maintains Six Feet Under's groove-filled style, they have incorporated more technical elements. "Gruesome" is a cutting, powerful opener, while "Open Coffin Orgy" contains groove-laden rhythms and mid-tempo melodies and highlight "Lost Remains" features wicked riffs and glorious leads. Conveying the thoughts of a serial killer, Barnes sticks to his usual lyrical subject matter, completing the Six Feet Under experience fans have come to expect. (Metal Blade)
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