Sisters "Fire Escape"/"Accolades"

Sisters 'Fire Escape'/'Accolades'
Well, this doesn't happen very often. After discovering their awesome, relatively new album, Everybody, on the Ongakubaka blog, I did some research about Sisters. What did I find? Well, that there's another great band going by the same name that also love to mess around with guitar noise. In addition to the Olympia, WA-based trio, there's also a Brooklyn duo operating under the name of Sisters. Confused? Well, it gets worse. The BK band have the URL, while the Olympians use, though it's currently experiencing some problems.

Let's start with the Olympia band. Originally what caught my ear was how Everybody (which is now out on Parts Unknown, by the way) sounds an awful lot like Sonic Youth's seminal Sister album. Is the name then a coincidence? Probably, but what these three achieve with their detuned guitars and ragged song structures is the same brand of anthemic noise that made me fall in love with Unwound so many years ago. I'd love to hear them cover "Schizophrenia" though. That'd be something...

And then there's the Brooklynites, who prefer melody over dissonance for their noise-drenched anthems. Pretty lo-fi as well, these Sisters use a late '90s Slumberland sound (sweet vocals plus fuzzy guitars) that couldn't be any more of-the-moment if they tried. Signed to Death By Audio (A Place to Bury Strangers), they've got a self-titled cassette (!) produced by APTBS' Oliver Ackerman, which you can buy here.

Sisters (OLY) "Fire Escape"

Sisters (BK) "Accolades"