Sister Carol Isis “The Original Womb-Man”

Grammy-nominated Sister Carol continues to mash up the reggae world with an intelligent, conscious and extremely melodic and harmonic release on the eminent roots label Tuff Gong. Isis, Egyptian goddess of divinity, is the archetypal mother, lover and wife; in essence, a good figurehead for the Queen of reggae, and an appropriately symbolic choice. “Women are the original womb man. I am simply reminding women how powerful, beautiful and real they are. At the same time I am reminding all mankind that everyone came from the womb. It is women who can produce life and for that, we deserve respect.” Indeed Carol deserves respect, the songs on Isis address some serious issues indeed. “Promises,” though bassy, skanky and funky, revolves around the promises made by “politicians behaving like a crablouse” in Jamaica and “politics without principle” in general. “HIV” is a dancehall warning of the dangers of unsafe sex. Though grave and aware, there are many moments of levity on this album: “Opportunity” reminds that “motivation is a key to open the lock”; “Choklit” expounds on the Jamaican speciality with a high THC content that tastes like chocolate; and “70 Sup’m Pieces of Bob” is a tribute to Bob Marley and reggae music (and strings together 70 song titles into a coherent lyric!) The production on this record, as well done as the instrumentation and lyrics, was done by Sister Carol, proving that she knows her way around a studio as well as being inspired on the mic. All in all, an excellent worth the two year wait, and a fine representation of the vibe promoted and made famous by the ambassadors of Tuff Gong. (Tuff Gong)