Sinsaenum Repulsion for Humanity

Sinsaenum Repulsion for Humanity
While Slipknot's Joey Jordison will steal most of the attention, it seems Frédéric Leclercq is doing most of the heavy lifting on Repulsion for Humanity. What started as the DragonForce alumnus's side-project has morphed into a supergroup, bringing in members of Mayhem, Chimera and cult legends Dääth. Their 2016 effort Echoes of the Tortured impressed critics, but didn't deliver the instant success that this band's stellar lineup promised.
Album number two sees Sinsaenum treading water. Repulsion For Humanity avoids missteps by playing it quite safe. Everything, from the melodies to the artwork to lyrics like "demons eating your soul" sound almost as if they came from a template called 'Extreme Metal Song.' Pandering to what we all know and love can work to wonderful effect (see Judas Priest's Firepower earlier this year), but in this instance it sounds close to lazy.
The solid standout is the Slipknot stickman Joey Jordison himself. On "Final Resolve," his tub-thumping sound gives us an exciting industrial edge. When he fully lets go at the end of nine-minute "Forsaken," we see that his talent has not diminished at all.
A little envelope-pushing from Sinsaenum could do wonders. Last year's Ashes EP was extremely promising. Repulsion For Humanity lacks the sense of frenzy its members' ex-bands had in spades. (earMusic)