Sinister Prophecies Denied

Preparing to celebrate their 20-year anniversary, Dutch deathsters Sinister finally release their first video, Prophecies Denied. The featured concert in Poland presents the band at their tightest, burning through a career-spanning set. The early days ("Epoch of Denial” from 1992’s Cross the Styx, "Sadistic Intent” from 1993’s Diabolical Summoning), mid-career creative apices ("To Mega Therion” from 1995’s Hate, "Into the Forgotten” from 1998’s Aggressive Measures), dark days due to line-up/label changes ("Bleeding Towards the Wendigo” from 2001’s Creative Killings) and current brutality with former drummer Aad Kloosterwaard as front-man ("The Grey Massacre” and "Men Down” from 2006’s Afterburner) are all represented. A short documentary follows the band to practice outside Rotterdam and bootleg videos show the group at various festivals and smaller gigs. A backstage interview is informative but rather sterile and sadly, there’s no footage of former front-woman Rachel Heyzer. Onstage, however, Sinister dominate, and fans will welcome the visuals of Prophecies Denied. (Metal Mind)