Singles Better Than Before

As this is the debut release from this sharp-dressed Motor City quartet, listeners will have to take the disc’s titular claim at face value. If, however, the inference is that revisiting the music of the Beatles early catalogue now is somehow a better plan than it was, say, 39 years ago, then let the bullshit calling begin. The Detroit River isn’t the Mersey and these youngsters aren’t even old enough to fully remember the Beatles revival/cash grab of the mid ’80s. That in itself doesn’t make the Singles any less qualified than anyone else to take a run at something very, very close to the Fab Four’s songbook. It merely begs the question "why?” a little bit louder. When original music is this derivative it’s difficult to find the merits by which to judge it. Regardless of whether this stuff is well played or well acted, at least the band can take solace in the fact even those American Civil War battle recreationist weirdoes manage to draw paying crowds. (Rainbow Quartz)