Single Mom Ordered to Pay $1.92 Million in Damages to RIAA

Single Mom Ordered to Pay $1.92 Million in Damages to RIAA
Let's hear it for the Recording Industry Association of America, folks. Were it not for their wonderful watchdogs keeping track of such dangerous criminals as Jammie Thomas-Rasset - a single mother from Minnesota who's been ordered to pay $1.92 million in damages for illegal file sharing - our beloved music industry would go down the toilet. Oh, wait...

Editorializing aside, over the past couple of years, the RIAA has filed 30,000 lawsuits against individuals they feel were illegally downloading music under their jurisdiction. By doing so without paying for the songs, the RIAA claims this was stealing and are taking people to court in order to be paid what they feel the music is worth.

Most of these cases have settled out of court, but as the Minnesota Star Tribune reports, 32-year-old Thomas-Rasset went the whole nine yards and fought. In an unprecedented moment, a jury has found her liable for copyright infringement, ordering her to the nearly $2 million in damages to the RIAA.

Breaking it down, she was sued for illegally garnering and/or sharing 24 songs so her bill comes to $80,000 per tune. Thomas-Rasset's case has been on-going since 2006 and is the only lawsuit that has come this far in the whole downloading debacle.

Shaken but strong, Thomas-Rasset is quoted as stating, "Good luck getting it out of me."

Back to editorializing: What the RIAA should be doing is suing themselves for allowing record labels to continually release mindless tripe and overcharge for 12-song albums that have one good track. That's what forces most people to download in the first place, isn't it?