Since Yesterday The Aftermath

With their debut album, five-piece Turkish metalcore band Since Yesterday prove that Turkey's metal scene is alive and kicking. With nine tracks chockfull of killer metal riffs, mixing the toughness of hardcore and embracing the fast-paced nature of punk, The Artificial Truth is an album bound to be embraced by all walks of the North American metal community. Vocalist Mansur Asrar has a raspy quality, which is accompanied by melodic backups remarkably similar to the nasal tonality of Daron Malakian (System of a Down). Title track "The Aftermath" set's the album's tone: fast, tight and well structured, with subtle, politicized lyrics. Guitarists Burak Kilic and Cem Saydam throw in a ton of trilling solos ― a talent developed over the band's eight-year existence ― and "Tales of Redemption" is a friendly nod to hardcore dancers, with fun breakdowns. Since Yesterday have started a buzz across Europe and are destined to be appreciated across the pond. (Independent)