Since the Day El Mensajero No Es Importante

It’s refreshing to hear a band that sounds enthusiastic and honest within the metalcore genre. Germany’s Since the Day borrow liberally from American contemporaries Killswitch Engage and Unearth, as well as a large dollop of Underoath’s older material; and there is no possible argument for originality here. However, this group comes out swinging and keeps a high standard throughout. There are no moments where one groans at the semi-frequent clean vocals or rags upon the oft-maligned burly breakdowns — the group simply sounds like they mean it and aren’t capitalising on their peers’ success whatsoever. There are much less quiet moments than the average album of this kind, and by the time the borderline radio-rock "Mascara Eyes” draws the album to a close, the listener is acceptant of the drastic change of pace. The record doesn’t overstay its welcome either — at a solid 32 minutes, it is over before one becomes agitated with the lack of innovation displayed. Definitely not a release for the seasoned black metal elitist, but a worthy purchase for those who’ve worn The End of Heartache and The Oncoming Storm into coasters. (Bastardized)