Simon Joyner Returns with 'Ghosts' Double Album

Simon Joyner Returns with 'Ghosts' Double Album
Omaha-based singer-songwriter Simon Joyner has been releasing top-quality records on a regular basis since his eponymous Umbilical Chords cassette came out in 1992. Most recently, the artist released Out Into the Snow in 2009, and he's now revealed plans to follow that up with a new full-length.

The new release, which marks Joyner's 13th long-player, is called Ghosts. Like 1998's Yesterday Tomorrow and in Between and 2001's Hotel Lives before it, Ghosts is a double album that a press release says "follows in their footsteps."

While its immersive nature and unified theme might put it on par with previous efforts, the description continues to explain that Ghosts "sounds unlike any Joyner record," adding an "influence of dark, '60s and '70s private-press psych and folk records, as well as the noisy, transcendent music of New Zealand heroes like This Kind of Punishment, Alastair Galbraith and the Dead C."

The album was recorded in Joyner's own warehouse on reel-to-reel, and features a full band.

Ghosts will be available on August 14 via Joyner's own Sing, Eunuchs! imprint. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Preview the tracklisting below and download album tracks "If I Left Tomorrow" here and "The Last Parade" here.


 1. Vertigo
2. Last Will and Testament
3. Red Bandana Blues
4. Sing a Little Lullaby
5. The Tyrant
6. Will You Stand Up for Me?
7. Cotes du Rhone
8. If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt.1
9. If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt. 2
10. Answering Machine Blues
11. Swift River, Run
12. When the Worst Doesn't Happen
13. If I Left Tomorrow
14. The Last Parade
15. Hard Luck Heart
16. Please Forgive
17. Ghost