Simian Mobile Disco Compile Twelve-Inches on New LP

Simian Mobile Disco Compile Twelve-Inches on New LP
Since the spring, British dance floor fillers Simian Mobile Disco have been rolling out a series of techno twelve-inch singles on their imprint, Delicacies. Now, the duo will be releasing those tracks as an album, also called Delicacies.

Due out November 29 in the UK, the collection has two discs. The first is composed of nine unmixed tracks, while the second contains mixed versions of eight of those numbers, recorded live in the studio.

All of the songs are named after exotic delicacy foods. Back when the twelve-inch series was first announced, group member James Shaw told Resident Advisor, "Delicacies are usually quite disgusting things that are enjoyed by a small group of people. Lots of the music that we listen to fits this description and this label is a forum for us to put out some disgusting music for the few that like that sort of thing."

For an idea of just how disgusting these delicacies are, try looking up some of the track titles (below) on Wikipedia. It turns out that casu marzu is decomposing cheese that contains live larvae, while a thousand year egg is an aged egg that has turned dark green. Yep, major eww.

There's currently no word on a North American release date, but it will likely be available from the group's official website.



1. "Aspic"

2. "Nerve Salad"

3. "Casu Marzu"

4. "Thousand Year Egg"

5. "Skin Cracker"

6. "Hákarl"

7. "Sweetbread"

8. "Ortolan"

9. "Fugu"


1. "Sweetbread"

2. "Hákarl"

3. "Nerve Salad"

4. "Casu Marzu"

5. "Skin Cracker"

6. "Aspic"

7. "Thousand Year Egg Drumappella"

8. "Ortolan"