Simian We Are Your Friends

After making a debut album that showed the Beta Band a thing or two about how to do psychedelic-electro-folk without getting pretentious, Simian is back with a fresh new slate. Deciding to take a slightly different road with their sophomore album, We Are Your Friends is light years away from the introductory Chemistry Is What We Are. Everything still sounds like it was made in Willy Wonka’s music factory, but the four-piece has adopted some Neptunes-style beats, Al Green and Marvin Gaye vibes and an even stronger taste in pop. The songs don’t spin around a web of confusing noise that leaves the listener distraught. Instead, Simian has patented a sound as original as one can get nowadays. Tunes like "Never Be Alone” and "When I Go” are songs born for the brain to retain all day long. The band has also come up with some stellar beats that show their knack for fat, bouncy ones on "The Way I Live” and "Helpless” that would make Pharrell, Chad and co. drool uncontrollably. The church of Simian is a world of twisted pop music for those who like music to be a little different. Join the congregation and enjoy. (Source)