Silos Come On Like The Fast Lane

After releasing what this writer felt was one of the best records of 2004 (When The Telephone Rings), songwriter Walter Salas-Humara and his band return with a record almost as praise worthy. Finding a new home on Bloodshot, the power trio take inspiration from the punk underground of NYC’s past. With equal parts twang and rock, and enough ferocious guitar feedback to make Crazy Horse grin, the Silos sizzle with tightly packaged songs bristling with unbridled energy. The title cut chugs and churns with a sense of urgency, twisting, turning and speeding along like a locomotive steaming down the tracks. This rhythm matches the lyrics, which chronicle the tumultuous times we are living in. On "Keeping Score,” a song suited for inclusion in a film noir soundtrack, the songsmith sings with his impassioned voice "there is no new life/there is no true life/there is no perfect part.” With two bonus tracks that whet the listener’s appetite further, Come On Like The Fast Lane is sure to find a permanent home in your portable player. (Bloodshot)