Unknown Mortal Orchestra Offshoot Silicon Reveals 'Personal Computer' LP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Offshoot Silicon Reveals 'Personal Computer' LP
New Zealand songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kody Nielson might be best known for collaborating with his brother, Ruben of Unknown Mortal Orchestra — both as a former member of the Mint Chicks and as a co-writer and producer on UMO's latest offering Multi Love. But he's ready to reveal his latest musical project, and it sees him going solo under the moniker Silicon.
His debut full-length will be titled Personal Computer, and it's set to arrive on August 28 via Weird World.
Though his sound strives to make pigeonholing impossible, Silicon borrows from genres like soul, funk and disco to deliver a fresh and futuristic take on electronica. As the album's title implies, there's a distinct technological theme to the record, offering up cuts like the title track, "Cellphone" and "God Emoji."
He hasn't neglected traditional musical formats, though, as Personal Computer will be available on deluxe 12-inch coloured vinyl with an accompanying booklet of artwork. It features 29 paintings of Neilson's signature emoji, which will also be exhibited in New York and London. You can see one interpretation of it pictured above, which will serve as the album artwork. Personal Computer will also be issued as standard 12-inch vinyl, CD and digital download.
You can see the full tracklisting below. Scroll past it to hear the Stevie Wonder-influenced jam "Burning Sugar," which, according to a press release, "signifies the carmelised centre and beating heart" of the album. There are some equally funky accompanying visualizations included in the player.
Personal Computer:
1. Personal Computer
2. Cellphone
3. Submarine
4. God Emoji
5. Burning Sugar
6. Little Dancing Baby
7. I Can See Paradise
8. Love Peace
9. Blow
10. Dope