Silentium Seducia

Compared to the band that released 2003’s Sufferion — Hamartia of Prudence, Silentium have become masters of their art. Seducia is very much the gothic-flavoured neo-classical metal production, with plenty of strings and female vocals and an abundance of melody. The record has its weak points — its slow gloom drags from time to time, for example — but it effectively changes tack from "bombasticism” to siren-like sensuality, managing to pull off both extremes and a fair selection of textures in between. Basic heaviness remains more an undercurrent than a dominant force on Seducia though, bubbling to the surface in harsh male singing and in crunchy riffs, and one of the most powerful songs is a slow lament called "Unbroken,” which avoids the guitar completely. If you don’t appreciate these textures, Silentium are unlikely to win you over to the dark side, but Seducia should entertain if you’re already there. (Mix Unit)