Sigur Rós "Varðeldur" (video)

Sigur Rós 'Varðeldur' (video)
Sigur Rós have been on a tear the last little bit, releasing a steady stream of videos for their "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment." The seventh instalment of the 12-part series is here, and it's for album track "Varðeldur."

The video is a barebones but emotionally stirring affair that features a solitary woman living in a concrete room. Disturbingly, there is a massive spatter of blood on one wall, but we don't know where it comes from. A ladder stands nearby, but it seemingly runs to nowhere. The red-headed woman stares at the ceiling, arches her back hauntingly, walks around hunchbacked, and violently shakes her head back and forth to pass the time.

It's at once terrifying, lonely and gorgeous. You can watch the Melika Bass-directed clip down below.