Sigur Rós "Kveikur" (video)

Sigur Rós 'Kveikur' (video)
Icelandic stargazers Sigur Rós have been touring in advance of their upcoming album, Kveikur, and now they're offering up a small piece of their live show in the form of the music video for the title track.

The video for "Kveikur" is tagged "live show visuals," which we're guessing means that this is what is displayed on the screens onstage. It's hard to make out exactly what is going on, since we mostly just see a blur of movement. The rapid-fire visuals slow down a bit as they go on, but the effect is no less abstract.

The clip mixes original material with footage from the British Film Institute archive. It serves as a fittingly unsettling backdrop for the loud, eerie song.

Kveikur is out on June 18 through XL Recordings.