Sigur Rós 'FACT mix 309'

Sigur Rós'FACT mix 309'
Having recently released their excellent, diverse new album Kveikur, Icelandic post rock champions Sigur Rós have put on their DJ caps for a lengthy, diverse new mix.

The 50-minute playlist, which was pieced together for FACT, sees the group reprising their recent Boiler Room alter egos as Triple Nipple.

As they explain in a statement, the music doesn't really sound like what we'd expect based on their albums. "This is how Sigur Rós get down and unwind in the dressing room and on the tour bus after a show," they said. "If you'd like a window on their world, come on in. If you are expecting a mystique enhancing exercise of deep solipsism, look away now."

Check out the band's 50-minute FACT mix below.