Sigur Rós Recording "Out There" New Album

Sigur Rós Recording 'Out There' New Album
Just when we thought the Sigur Rós crew couldn't get any busier - what with the recent surge of side projects and solo efforts - the glacially-paced Icelanders have now given word of yet another new release. This time, it's a proper new Sigur Rós album.

Late yesterday (May 28), via a post on the band's website, they broke the news that they are currently recording the follow-up to last year's Meõ suõ í­ eyrum viõ spilum endalaust. At this point, they aren't really giving us a whole lot to go on but they have shared a few nuggets of info about the yet-untitled record.

Apparently, the recordings have been "going very well" and "taking form as a slower and more ambient record than Meõ suõ í­ eyrum viõ spilum endalaust and Takk [2005]." The album is also described as being "as melodic but much less noisy and more 'out there' than previous albums."

So far, there is no release date for the record but it is expected to drop sometime next year.