Sigur Rós Call Out Potential Copycats

Sigur Rós Call Out Potential Copycats
Atmospheric Icelanders Sigur Rós are arguably one of the most iconic, original-sounding bands of the last ten years. There's something unmistakable about their ethereal swells and otherworldly vocals that can be extremely hard for others to replicate. But that doesn't mean they can't try.

Though in a roundabout way, the outfit is giving credit to said impostors by pointing out a number of copycat ads that have popped up over the years. A recent posting on their website titled "Homage or Fromage[sic]" hints at the fact that they have been getting ripped off for years by advertising agencies.

The post reads:

Despite rumours to the contrary [Sigur Rós] have never allowed their music to be used to sell anything. and they get asked a lot. sometimes they get asked, say 'no' and then a few months later an ad will suddenly appear that sounds strangely familiar.

A hefty collection of clips follows, each one poorly reconstructing the magic that is a Sigur Rós tune. A man flips flapjacks in front of his smiling children before an outdoor family outing in one ad, as a familiar sounding cascade of piano plunks and bell hits bristles in the background.

But despite the group's suggestions, they won't be making any formal accusations.

"We're not suggesting anyone's ripping anyone off here," they state, "or has purposely gone out to plagiarise Sigur Rós music, because that might get us sued (which would be ironic). And in any case, you can get all the musicologists' reports you like and all they will tell you is that the chord sequence is "commonly used" or the structure is a "style-a-like" and not a "pass off" Rós."

Though delivered with a knowing wink, the act implores us to make our own decisions here.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the tip.