Signer Low Light Dreams

According to the liner notes, the material on this recording was composed in low light and the environmental influences reflect in the music. Somewhere between ambient and down-tempo lurks Signer, who matches aortic rhythms to dreamy notes coupled with levitating clicks, vaporous hisses and ghostly voices crooning from the ether. In listening to Low Light Dreams, one can picture the producer at his sound-generating board, where the glowing indicators offer the only sources of illumination, other than light from the window muffled by drapes. A lot of producers make this kind of music but not this well. Some tracks here are more ambient, others more beat-driven, yet in a dreamy, semi-dazed way. Ideally, when putting on Low Light Dreams, switch off your home lights at night or pull down the shades during the day, find a comfortable chair and press play. (Carpark)