Signaldrift Set Up for Sprawling Double Album

Signaldrift Set Up for Sprawling Double Album
Milwaukee, WI's Signaldrift have been creating far-out, experimental electronic music since the project was started by Franz Buchholtz in 1998. Seven years in, Buchholtz was joined by John Goelzer in 2005. Eleven releases later, the duo have planned a new full-length album, which is set for release next week.

The record is called Two Agents, and will drop via Portland, OR imprint Audraglint Recordings on May 25. Following a long list of singles, CDRs and EPs, Two Agents technically marks Singnaldrift's first album as a two-piece.

According to a press release, the double LP showcases Signaldrift's diverse influences, including "motorik, dub, shoegaze, disco, post-punk, balearic and '80s pop over the course of these eight songs." If you'd like to hear a sample of this intriguing combination, you can head to our Click Hear department, where we have the track "Yesterday's Tomorrow."

Two Agents is limited to 500 copies, so if you want one, you may want to place your order at Audraglint pretty soon.

Signaldrift also have a few tour dates lined up, which you can see here.

Two Agents:

 1. "Taking Down Scores"

2. "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

3. "Planetarium"

4. "Tense Situations"

5. "Go On Without Me"

6. "Johns Blues"

7. "Sweet Freedom"

8. "No Time For Deals"