Signaldrift "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

Signaldrift 'Yesterday's Tomorrow'
If you've been meaning to take some electro-fie,d blissed-out kosmische holiday, you may want to check out the new album from Milwaukee, WI's Signaldrift. Dubbed Two Agents, the album boasts "motorik, dub, shoegaze, disco, post-punk, balearic and '80s pop over the course of these eight songs." And, seriously, dudes aren't kidding around.

Just check out balearic-styled album stand-out "Yesterday's Tomorrow" below (click the arrow to download the track). It's a stellar preview of what this duo have cooked up on their full-length.

Two Agents is due out on double LP via Audraglint Recordings on May 25, but it is limited to 500 copies, so you may want to act fast.